Desirable traits that a Guy would hope to find in a Lady ;-)

I know Jen had previously shared an article earlier on how a guy should go about to impress his date. Well, I need to put in my fair statement and also contribute my thoughts on behalf of all the guys out there. So ladies, please paid extra attention on this article so that you can master a few tips too.

Sometimes, it is not exactly a guy’s fault that he is not acting gentlemanly nor not at his best behavior during a date. It takes two hands to clap and the lady should also put in efforts to make the date a successful and enjoyable one. Did I hear some “YEAH BRO!” from the guys??

Here, I shall share some important aspects that a guy would want his lady to have on dates. Let’s start!

    Number 1 – Down to Earth Personality

    All guys are attracted to ladies who are down to earth and real. Even though you may be one of the most beautiful and richest girls in the whole of Singapore, please be humble and do not put on any airs when conversing with us. Guys naturally do not like to be put down and this personality would be a big NO NO to us. Additionally, we appreciate ladies who are able to portray a real self of themselves and not trying to pretend to be someone that they are not.

    Be True to yourself & the Guy would reciprocate! 😉

    Number 2 – Be Appreciative

    During a date, a lady should acknowledge and appreciate a guy’s gesture and effort, no matter how small is it. Doing things and offering to pay tab for a lady might be our privileges but at times it would be a nice gesture for the lady to offer to pay. It really shows a lady’s thoughtfulness and appreciation towards the guy. A lady should also express her gratification when a guy offers to send her home.

    Number 3 – Good Sense of Humor

    It is important to have a good sense of humor for a lady. This is to keep the mood light during the date so that both the guy and lady can enjoy themselves. When a lady starts getting defensive or overly sensitive, the mood might be affected and a guy would not want to date again with an uptight lady.

    Especially during the date, if things unexpectedly go the wrong way, and the lady just laugh it over and chill it out, a guy would think the lady is nice to be with and would date her again.

    Its always great to be able to share the Laughter!

    Number 4 –Pleasant Grooming

    A lady should take the effort to do basic grooming for the date. This is a basic courtesy and form of respect for the guy as it shows her sincerity towards her date. A basic grooming regime such as having clean & neat hair, properly trimmed nails, clean & well pressed attire, simple make up would be suffice to impress.

    Remember, if the 1st impression is good, its more than half the attraction battle won!

    Number 5 – Take the initiative

    Sometimes, a lady should take the initiative to suggest and plan future dates. The onus of fixing up and planning of dates should not lie solely on the guy’s responsibility. If the lady initiates, the guy would be impressed and he does not feel that he is always the ‘pursuer’ and appreciate the lady’s contribution. Additionally a lady should also take the initiative to open up topics and converse with her date so that the guy would not feel pressured to keep the conversation going.

    But of course, don’t be overpowering! Its always about the balance which we want to achieve.

    Number 6 – Have a Big Heart

    A lady should not pick on small little things especially during the first date. When the food or service is not up to its standard, please do not kick a big fuss or complain to the guy throughout the whole date. This is definitely a big turn off for the guys as it would imply that his choice on food or places is terrible. Hence, have a big heart and laugh it over. Remember to still thank him for his effort to arrange the date.

    Number 7 – Intelligence

    Men are generally attracted to ladies who are intelligent and able to say the right things at the right timing. When a lady is witty and holds good conversation with the guy, the guy would want to have a second date with the lady one time after the other. Hence it is very important to maintain an engaging conversation with the guy. With that being said, its also equally important for the guy to be engaging as well, see I’m on the fence for this one.

    Number 8 – Confidence

    Just as much as a lady wants a guy to have confidence, it goes equally the same for the guys too. A guy generally would be attracted to ladies who are confident, self -assured and at times be able to speak up their opinions. If you are happy with yourself and accept who you are, a guy would be able to single you out and feel that you are different. However, it is important to note that the ladies should not over express herself, to the extent of being authoritative. Most of the guys would not want the lady to overshadow him especially during the first date.

Ladies, please hold no offense. This is just a general guideline of the aspects that most guys would want  to have in a lady but it does not speak for the whole men population. There are always some rare breeds which I missed out.

Cheers, Ed

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