Do Things Which Makes Your Partner Happy

    “Happy New Year and wish all of you joy, hope and peace in the coming year 2012”

So what are your plans for today? For us, we are now chilling in front of our TV. It is the quietest New Year countdown we ever had but we are contented and very full! Let us share with all of you why we are feeling this way.

I have always been a hard core fireworks fan. Knowing that, Ed has always been very sweet and brought me to watch whenever possible. Often, we have to squeeze through huge crowds and ‘fight’ with thousands of other people to go home. Sometimes, after the whole fireworks display, my frustrations and regrets begin to slowly crawl in especially when we find that it is near impossible to reach home as each minutes passes by. Being a sweet hubby, Ed would calm me down and try to lead the way out of the crowd as quickly as possible.

Even though Ed may be at times exasperated at the amount of effort we have to go through for that brief magical moment, he still continue to do it for me because

    for a simple reason – he wants to make me happy!

This year, being sweet as always, Ed begins to plan for the fireworks countdown when I stopped him. I told him that this year we could have a quiet countdown instead. As both of us have been very busy and have been surviving with very little sleep everyday, the idea of chilling at home feels good.

Instead, I decide to do something that I rarely do-Prepare a nice homecooked meal for Ed. Ed always told me that it is a nice and warm feeling to eat home cooked food especially when it is prepared by his loved ones. Yup, I definitely got the hint! Hence, I decide to cook specially for him to make him happy, and also take this chance to recuperate and “nurse” back our health! 🙂

All in all, I spent close to 3 hours (marketing, preparation of ingredients, cooking etc) to prepare for this meal. Here’s a close up of Jen’s special menu for the New Year.

Dish 1 – Broccoli With Crabstick

Dish 2 – Salmon Fish in Cream Sauce

Dish 3 – Fried egg with fish paste

Dish 4 – Radish & Pork Rib Soup

Well, it goes without saying, I was totally exhausted after cooking this meal but upon seeing the contended smile on Ed’s face, I am happy too. It is a tiring but worthwhile New Year Celebration. So all of you out there,

    “spend the efforts to do things for your partner, make them HAPPY!”

Oh, we are guilty of one thing that we did not manage to do this year. Normally on this day, we would set our resolutions for the New Year. However this year, we decide not to be too hard on ourselves and give ourselves a break today. We shall do it in the next few days.. hmm, maybe this can be our first resolution for the new year! Wait for our next post ya.

Cheerios , Jen

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