Small little Gifts are the way to your Partner’s Heart! ;-)

Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle all the way… Yes, so happy, Christmas is 2 weeks away! But I am having a headache now trying to think of a gift for Ed this year. I need to ‘ON’ my thinking cap faster..

Every year on the night before Christmas day, me and Ed would get ready each other gift and wait eagerly for the clock to strike twelve midnight before we present the gifts for one another.

The feeling upon receiving a gift is indescribable. The mixed emotions of uncertainty, mystery and anxiety just makes you want to open the gift quickly to find out what it is. You would be satisfied and fulfilled only when you discovered the “surprise” behind the suspense.

That is why I always feel like receiving a gift from my loved one, no matter how small or little it is, is a form of happiness and joy. It just gives me assurance and appreciation that he remembers the special occasion and makes effort to get a gift for me (even though it can be just a simple e-card) Even on those days when Ed springs a little surprise and paste a little love note on my dressing table or put a packet of my favourite biscuits in my bag (he knows that I will be hungry by evening), I will be very happy! It really makes my day and seeing the small little treats from him would instantly bring a smile on my face.

    So ladies and gentleman, try it out! Sneak a little surprise into your loved one’s bag or wallet then patiently wait for him/her to ‘discover’ it. =p

Anyway, back to my thinking cap again..I have mentally made a list on what gift I should give him. Let me give you guys a ‘sneak preview’, I hope Ed will be too busy to see this entry, or I may consider to barr him from the blog till after Christmas. Haha!

1)      Get a voice recording plush bear from SingPost/ 7-11 and record a love message

2)      Make him a personalised 2012 Calender with our photos and love messages for each month

3)      Make  a Travel Scapebook from our past years holidays and honeymoons destinations (this is going to be rough, luckily I have always diligently make notes in my travel diary whenever we are on a trip)

4)      Make a jar of chocolate cookie

5)      Buy a wallet for him, as his wallet is giving way due to wear and tear

Oh ya, I forgot to mention. Whichever gift that I am going to give him, I am going to send him on a treasure hunt, giving him small clues that would be hidden all over the house, and these clues would finally lead him to the gift. Happy searching, Ed!  That sounds exciting right?

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