Tips on How to Handle Relatives’ Probing During CNY

Hey Guys, this post is specially prepared to assist all the Singles out there as I know CNY is just round the corner and I believe that this is a period of Celebration for most of us but could possibly be a “Best to Avoid” period for some.

Now why is this so? Well, I remembered the times when I was still single and had to go through the endless probing from my concerned relatives during the yearly festive visiting, trying to understand why I was single and so forth … Their overwhelming attention and zest in my love life really breaks me out into a cold sweat, Phew!

And what I normally do is

    See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Speak Nothing

Haha, don’t worry, I was just kidding. This is the last thing that you should do on a bright and cheery Chinese New Year day.

Ok, here are some suggestions which could possibly be of good use to you:

No 1 – Be Honest and Direct
Sometimes it is a better idea to be direct and honest to them instead of beating around the bush. By avoiding the topic, it will make your concerned relatives more anxious and eager to help you. So tell them directly that the right one has not come by but you believe that he/she is somewhere out there and both of you will meet soon.

No 2 – Cast the Ball Back Into Their Court
You can divert their attention by casting the ‘ball’ back to them. Once they start probing, get them to talk about their love life, how they meet their other half and share their dating experiences etc. They would definitely be more than happy to share with you and perhaps you are able to learn a few things from them? 🙂

No 3 –Divert their Attention, Look Left but Go Right
Last but not least, you can try to shift their focus by asking them about their CHILDREN instead. After all, the topic about their children would be much more important than them trying to know more about your love life. This is especially so for those relatives who have younger kids, as they would be ultra eager to share their kids’ growing up journey, results in class and the endless tuition and lifestyle classes which they send them to! I bet I can see a slight smile on your face, nodding in agreement.

I guess all of you are now equipped to face this upcoming CNY visiting. But do remember, when you chat with your concerned relatives, keep it light-hearted and friendly at all times. After all, it is a festive season of joy and happiness and that is all that matters, isn’t it! 😉

Have Fun! Cheers Ed

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