Post–CNY Reality … We Became ROOunder!

Oh no!! I exclaimed loudly to Ed as I look unbelievably at the weighing scale I am on. I took a quick glance at Ed and he does look slightly ‘rounder’ than before. *Sighs* both of us must have over-indulged ourselves during this festive celebration! We have totally lost count with the amount of yummy,sinful,high calories pineapple tarts, bak kwa, love letters, cookies etc that we stuffed ourselves.

I believe some of you might be in the same predicament as us (*hi-five??*) and hope to shed off the extra kilos. Let me share our simple “Shed off the kilos” plan here. See whether it works! 🙂

Plan 1 – Great Perseverance Comes with Great RETURNS!
First of all, the Success of the “Shed off the kilos” plan depend largely on one’s own Mental Strength and Determination. You need to cultivate a strong faith in yourself and believe in yourself. Tell yourself constantly that you CAN and WILL lose that extra kilogram!

Before you guys start thinking that having strong faith is good enough to shred off the excess fats , I am sorry to disappoint all of you! 😉 Yup! There’s no easy way to do it other than Workout and Healthy Eating which I will share below.

Plan 2 –It is a Numbers Game
Losing weight is like a numbers game! When your inputs (calories taken) are more than the outputs (burning off the calories), you would tend to gain weight. Hence, you must remain active and burn off all your inputs so that the equation will balance out!

However, do not be overly anxious or ambitious to lose too much weight in a short period of time. Instead, work towards a sensible weight loss of approximately 0.5 kg – 1 kg per week.

Well, for Ed & me, as we are finding it more and more impossible to maintain our gym regime in the evening, we are going to kickstart our day earlier with a 30 minutes jog near our neighbourhood to burn off the extra calories! It might not be an easy feat but we are DETERMINED to do it! I believe our efforts will pay off and we will be able to get our RETURNS soon.

Plan 3 – Eat Moderately And NO Starving
Most of us have a mistaken notion that we have to STOP eating totally in order to lose weight. The good news is that this is NOT True! To lose weight effectively and healthily, we should not curb our diets and should eat moderately instead.

It is more ideal to have light and regular meals than to avoid eating totally as missing meals may lead to impulsive snacking and overeating! A good benchmark would be to eat till you are 70% -80% full for each meal so that your body can burn off any excess intake at a reasonable rate.

Plan 4 – Choose your Choice of INPUTS wisely
Recently, I was doing leisure surfing on the internet and discovered to my horror,that our favourite Moss Burger Set Meal, which consists of a rice burger, a large fries and a corn soup contains 652.3 calories!! Wow, that is already 34% of the recommended daily calories intake!

Before you guys begin to worry, fret not as I am not getting you guys to count all your daily food calories intakes. However, sometimes it is this terrifying ‘truth’ that makes one even more determined to stay away from those “sinful food”. Don’t you agree?

Hence, please start to choose your choice of food wisely. Do avoid foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition values to your daily diet. We must take care of our diet and treasure our health before it is too late!
This comes to an end of our “Shed off the kilos” plan. What do you think? Sounds achievable right? Why don’t we get started together? Come, Let’s get ready to exercise and shed off the excess calories together! 🙂

Cheers, Jen

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