He likes me…? He likes me not…??

I was chatting with one of my friends the other day when she asked for my advice on how to tell if a guy is interested in her. She is seeing a guy often these days and this guy has been giving her mixed signals *Somehow or rather, this seems to be quite a common issue right Guys?!* Hence she is wondering whether the guy has any interest in her or is he just being too Over-Friendly.

Well my friends, if you think that you are in a similar situation, do read on and let me provide you with some hints on how to understandYour Guy and you would soon be able to master the art of detecting whether your Guy has the Hots for You.

1) Show Interest In Your Personal Life
One of the Top tell-tale signs that he is interested in you is when his Small talks always revolve around your personal life, your lifestyle and your friends. Especially if he were to start teasing you on whether you are still single and available and make cold jokes about it, it could very well imply that he is already putting on his thinking cap to see whether he could take a step further with you. *Not applicable for Shy & Quiet Guys*

2) Get Close To You
The truth about us Guys is that most of us have an inherent ‘Hunter’ instinct in us. Naturally when we meet someone we like, our ‘Hunter’ instinct would be ON and we would try to find ways and means to get close to her.

Just to share, during my courtship with Jen, I was always trying my best to involve myself in her daily activities, when she feels like going to watch a musical, I go watch musical; when she feels like exercising, I go to the gym with her; when she is hungry, I cook supper for her; when she is unhappy, I try to cheer her up by surprising her. I guess you would understand what I mean right? *Applicable for Shy & Quiet Guys* 😉

3) Listen Attentively To What You Said
If you realise that a Guy seems to remember all those small, little things that you once said to him, it could be that he is interested in you. An interested Guy would listen attentively to everything you say and remember it. *Not applicable for Married Couples – Even if the Guy didn’t hear what his Lady says, he still loves her*

Oh yeah, one little trick to point out, if you are a very soft-spoken lady and the Guy could not really hear what you say every-time, he should normally move forward and move closer to you to try and catch what you are saying if he is interested. So Ladies, maybe you can try this out and see what happens? 😉

4) Make Efforts To Plan The Outing
Most of the time, if a Guy is interested in you, he would normally take time to plan for all the outings. For example, he pre-books the movie ticket, make reservations at restaurant or even research on how to get there etc, there is a high probability that he is Into You. Why I say so is because being a guy, we would tend to try to impress a girl that we like and would most likely make effort to plan the outing beforehand so as to ensure that the date is smooth. 😉

Talking about this, I remember vaguely that during one of our earlier courtship days, we planned to go into Sentosa to watch the ‘Songs of the Sea’ performance together. For that, I specially arrived in Sentosa earlier to check out where I could bring her for dinner and bought the tickets earlier before it was sold. All done prior to meeting Jen so as to ensure that we could spend a beautiful evening together.

Ladies, hope that this article gives you a much better idea now! Enjoy the upcoming Valentine’s Day!

Cheers, Ed!

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