Interesting Facts On How Some Of The Countries Celebrate Valentine’s Day




For today, we shall take a stroll around the world and check out how different countries celebrate Valentine’s day. You can also take this chance to share these interesting facts with your date or friends and they would definitely be impressed!

Japan – On Valentine’s day, ladies here would shower chocolates to the guys. For close male friends, they will give “Giri-choco” chocolate and for their special someone, they will give “Hon-mei “chocolate. Interestingly, the guys will ‘return’ the gift on 14 March. *Did we see some of the guys turn green with envy?* 😉

Scotland – A popular venue for couples and even celebrities Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Stella McCartney and Alasdhair Willis etc get married there.

On Valentine Day, all the singles in Scotland will come together and celebrate. They would have a “matching” ceremony where all the guys and ladies would get pair up. If all went well, a marriage might take place too!

Denmark – Here, the men would write “gaekkebrev”, a funny and rhyming poem to his special someone. He would add on to the mystery by signing off in dots where each dot represents a letter of the man’s name.

Mexico – Men here would display their affection to their love interest by going over to the lady’s house, together with a mariachi band, and sing romantic songs to her. This would then be followed by a nice romantic dinner.

China and Taiwan – For them, they will celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese Calender instead.

I believe all of you are now equipped with these ‘little knowledge’and all set to impress your date and friends right? Have a Great time celebrating!

Love, Ed & Jen

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