The ‘PERFECT’ One or The ‘RIGHT’ One?

Thanks to Facebook, I manage to locate one of my long-lost pal who has been overseas for a long time. Upon learning that she is back in town, I arranged to meet up with her last weekend to revive the good old days.

Through our catch up session, I found out that she has been single all this while. It came as a surprise to me because she has always been very outstanding in terms of everything – she is beautiful, has a promising career, great personality and comes from a good family background. Hence I was rather surprised that such a ‘good catch’ is still available. She revealed to me that even though there are guys who show interest in her, she did not find them special enough. She then jokingly tells me that she is waiting for the PERFECT man to come along and sweep her off!

That set me thinking:

    “Is it more important to wait for the ‘PERFECT’ one than having the ‘RIGHT’ one?”

For me, I opt for the latter. I feel that having the ‘Right’ One is much more important than getting a ‘PERFECT’ One. I made a wise choice of having Ed as my life-long partner. He is definitely not perfect, but he is beautifully imperfect! Because of him, I have learnt a lot and have grown stronger and stronger. He had really brought out the best in me! (I believe I did the same to him too, haha!)

It is through the differences in us that help us to complement each other in terms of managing our household, work as well as our personal life. Not only that, it also makes our dating journey even more interestingly and enriching one!

I just want to share that each of us have our own Strength and Weakness. As long as we are willing to overlook on one’s flaws and focus on their Strengths instead, they might become the ‘RIGHT’ One for you. After all, finding the ‘PERFECT’ One is not easy so instead of waiting, why not be more open towards your expectations of your life partner?

    As the saying goes “We love not by finding a Perfect one but through learning to love the Imperfect but Right one”

Don’t miss the boat ya! 😉


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