Do you believe in Destiny?

“The Lucky One” is here finally! I am looking forward to catching this romantic movie as I read terrific reviews about it.
The story revolves around a US Marine man (starring Zac Efron) who manages to escape death in the battle ever since he found a ‘lucky charm’ – photograph of a smiling young woman (starring Taylor Schilling) half-buried in the sands of Iraq during his third tour of duty. Though he has not met the woman before, he believes that she is the key to his destiny and went on his quest for the woman of his life.

    “Do you believe in Destiny”?

To a certain extent, I believe destiny does play a part in bringing two people together. Just look at us and you would understand what I mean. Ed is my senior during my JC days time and he stayed in the same hostel as I am during the university days but our path have never crossed before. Miraculously, after graduation we went to the same company to work and from then onwards, it marks a good beginning to our beautiful dating journey.

But of course one important thing to note, though Destiny plays a part, one must know when to grab the opportunity or search actively for that opportunity. And remember not to procrastinate so much when Destiny is here!

And not forgeting that after one ‘go on board’ the boat with their ‘destiny’, they must continue to ‘row the boat’ together so that they would be able to move forward and experience all the beautiful moments together. Though the journey may be fraught with countless ‘rocky waves’, both of them must continue to move in one direction and get out of the tough situation together.

So do bear in mind, though Destiny may bring both of you together, but how you want to continue for the rest of the journey depends largely on BOTH OF YOU! 🙂
For Singles out there, you must catch this movie as I feel it serves as a good motivation and strengthen your Faith that your ‘Right One’ is somewhere out there on his/her quest for you! Just grab a close friend and watch it together. Take it as a bonding session for both of you!

As for dating couples and married couples, it is highly recommendable to watch it together with your partner. Romantic movie adds a healthy dose to your relationship and other than feeling warm & light-hearted inside, it certainly helps to bring back fond memories of your ‘honeymoon’ period! Not forgetting, it is also a good time to get close and cuddle with your partner! 🙂


With Love, Jen

P/S: Do remember to share your reviews with us after watching.

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