Getting Married = Lose my FREEDOM?

    “If I get married, will I lose my freedom??”

I believe this question would surface in most of the dating couples’ minds especially when they have been dating for quite a while. Well you would be surprised but nowadays it has been a rising trend that more and more people are having this mentality and decide to put their marriage plans on hold as they are not ready to forgo the ‘Freedom’ of their singlehood.

So exactly how true is this stereotypical thinking?

Well, to start with, I do admit to a certain extent that since getting married, I don’t seem to find the time to do some of the activities that I have been doing during my bachelor days e.g. playing golf, late night suppers, backpacking etc. Now, an Important Point to note here is that it is not because of marriage life that I gave up or ‘not allowed’ to do the above-mentioned activities BUT rather it’s due to the fact that I simply can’t find the time or additional strength to do it. It is not a matter of losing my freedom as it is MY Choice to forgo these activities first and focus on the more important things in life!

I feel that marriage is the most beautiful thing that can happen between two individuals in love. Though it is not exactly an easy journey, but as long as the couple is committed and put in efforts to nurture the relationship, it is going to be an extremely worthwhile for your entire lifetime. Hence one must be positive about Marriage and not Stereotype that it is just a ‘legal paper’ to tie you down.

Anyway, let me tell you guys a little secret on how to maintain the ‘freshness’ in your marriage. The fact that even though Jen and I have been together for years, we would still constantly ‘surprise’ each other with our quirks and wits that always makes us burst into laughter even though we sometimes ‘make a total fool’ of ourselves while doing so. No doubt, there would be times when we have our disagreements where we feel like just ‘Exploding’ but Come On’ who doesn’t??! Most importantly, we must recognise that every single day is a learning journey of love and enjoy every single moment of it.

Now remember marriage is not about losing your freedom, it is just how you yourself perceive it to be. You just need to balance it out and prioritize your time wisely; you would definitely be able to reap the greater rewards of marriage life. Try to participate more in couple activities rather than singlehood ones while at the same time maintaining some independent space for each other.

Easier said than done but believe me, I have seen many couples including me & Jen being able to do it, I’m sure with a little effort, you would be able to do so as well. It is definitely worth it!

Regards, Ed

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