A Night Out @ THE FULL HOUSE Lifestyle Cafe

I heard from one of my friends that there is this interesting lifestyle cum cafe in town and decide to check out with Ed over the weekend.

Details as follow:

9 Bras Basah Road #01-04
Rendezvous Gallery Singapore 189559

We were greeted by a friendly staff at the entrance and were led to our reserved seats in no time.

Upon entering the café, we feel that we were swept into another world. Well, to be exact, it should be A HOUSE ! The whole store was compartmentalized into different sections such as balcony, dining area, living room, cozy corner etc .

Here is a bird-eye view of the whole layout (courtesy from Full House):

Anyway, we decide to eat first before we start checking out each of the corners. To be frank, we spent quite some time before we finalized on the below orders. To us, each dish looks so appealing and appetizing!

Our All Time favourite – Forest Mushroom Soup!
After soupy, it’s time for some Oyster Mornay! Yummy!!

And we go on to our main dish & drink to quench our thirst…

Jen’s choice of Main Dish – Pan-Sear Dory Fish

Ed’s Choice of Main Dish – Wok-Sear Chicken Chop

Our refreshing drink – Ice Korean Jujube Tea

After a hearty meal, it’s time for us to explore the store and of course take photographs!

Us on the Couch in the Living Room

The Cosy Corner

One interesting discovery we found – a can of 果汁(fruit juice) for SALE!

*Surprise* – It is a PHONE! (refer to right pic)

Overall, the food here is above average and services staff are friendly and attentive. What makes it interesting is the lifestyle cum retail theme which is probably one of the few restaurants in Singapore that has it.

For us, it is indeed a refreshing experience and certainly brings a new perspective in our dating journey. We hope you guys would like it as well as we do! 🙂

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