Should Ladies make the 1st Move?

    “So, You like the guy, what’s the next step?

    Should I call him or Should I not…?”

This Entry is specially written for all the Ladies out there who have been wondering if they should initiate the next meet up after the first date with a Guy. Well the good news is, there is no hard or fast rule for this question but what I can help you ladies is to let you know how the Guys actually think.

To start with, we would definitely be impressed and flattered when a lady makes the 1st move on us. It is not something that would happen to us every day & it certainly does boost up our ego when it happens! (P.S: Balancing the EGO is an essential to winning a Man’s heart)

In fact, deep down inside us, we are thankful to you for letting us know that you would like to go out with us again instead of making us Guess! Making the first move for some of us may be nerve-wrecking, especially when we do not feel confident enough that you would want to continue seeing us after the first date. Getting a call or even a simple SMS is enough for us to know that we have been selected into the First XI and not left warming the bench!

Hence, I do encourage ladies to make the first move when they see a guy they really like. After all, in today’s world where we emphasise on gender equality, it doesn’t really matter who makes the 1st move and ladies should feel empowered to do that whenever necessary. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to know a Great Guy just because of conventional thinking, don’t you?

But of course, it doesn’t mean that in all situations ladies should make the 1st move as one also needs to ascertain and gauge the situation accordingly. For example, when the guy displays no interest or appears nonchalant during the 1st date, I would not advise the lady to make the 1st move since the probability of you getting SNUB from the guy might be quite High. So ladies, only make the 1st move when you know that the guy may reciprocate your interest or else you would end up ‘Always playing 2nd fiddle!’

On the other hand, when a lady realised that her date is extremely shy but does show subtle hints that he is interested, this is the time when the lady should step up and makes the 1st move on this Shy Guy but of course only if you are interested as well. Once the lady is able to break-through the Guy’s 1st level of defence, I believe she would be greatly rewarded.

To sum it all, in Dating, I feel that there is no rules or regulations that states whether a Guy or a Lady should make the 1st move. Everyone should put in efforts to ‘Catch’ a good partner and only when you try, then it is one step closer to Success!

Cheers Everyone!

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