Our HOT Evening with 小辣椒 Xiao La Jiao Sichuan Restaurant

Yesterday evening, we passed by Katong 112 Mall and had a surprising finding!

We came upon this authentic Sichuan Teahouse -小辣椒 (Meaning Little Chillies) and decided to give it a shot since it is not easy to find Sichuan Cuisine in Singapore.

Located @ 112 Katong Mall #03-05, 112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802

There was already a Queue forming even at 6+ in the evening. However as it was only the two of us, we were able to get a seat (near the window) pretty fast. The night had not fall yet hence this window seat serves a good viewing spot from the restaurant. We watched the busy bustling traffic below us whilst immersed in the Sichuan ambience around us.

Anyway we placed our orders quickly as we foresee that the kitchen would be packed with orders judging by the crowd in the restaurant.

To our delight, our food was served to us reasonably fast. Our orders came one after the one, hence we could take a group food photo!

Here goes our orders:
1) 酸辣汤 (Hot & Sour Soup) @ $5.80
2) 葱油饼 (Onion Pancakes) @ $3.90
3) 歌乐山辣子鸡 (GeLeShan Style Chicken) @ $10.90
4) 鱼香茄子煲 (Claypot Eggplant) @ $9.80
5) Jen’s 担担面(Noodles in peanut and sesame sauce) @ $8.00
6) Ed’s 川味炸酱面 (Noodles in Chuan style minced meat sauce) @ $8.50

Left pic: Ed showing off his 炸酱面!
Right pic: Jen posing with all our orders, Yummy!!

Generally, we were satisfied with the food. The quality of the food is above average and it is pretty Value For Money (reasonable portion for each order). Best of all, you get to enjoy Sichuan Cuisine under a Oriental Teahouse Setting right in Singapore, in the heart of Katong 112!

One thing that is worth commendable is their Service!

The staffs were attentive and prompt in their services. When we asked for some ice for our chrysanthemum tea (to cool down our sizzling tastebuds), they actually got us a tub of ice !!

This is really cool as we do not need to ask for ice throughout the meal as we have ONE WHOLE TUB right on our table! We were indeed impressed!

We would definitely come back when we have a Sichuan craving the next time!

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