Holding Hands – A Simple Symbol of Happiness

    An Extract: –

    “Just a Simple gesture
    of holding hands
    with one another –
    says a Thousand words!”

Over the last weekend, Jen wanted to do some ‘shopping therapy’ in town. Though I was quite reluctant to go down town on a weekend as it would probably mean burning a ‘HUGE’ hole in my pockets, however, being a nice hubby, I obliged but of course with a small condition attached. 🙂

(Guys, here is a little tip to cope with a shopping frantic partner, hush hush.. The trick here is have a PRE-DESIGNATED time slot for her ‘shopping therapy’ i.e. 2 hours, 3 hours etc. then make reservations for a dinner venue so as to minimize any chances of exceeding the hours. But of course during this time slot, full attention would be given to her! This means making “Reasonable & Calculated” comments when your partner asks you “Whether the dress looks Good on her!” Understand?? 😉

Well, after 2 hours of shopping, Jen still could not find anything that catches her eye. Convinced that this day was not a good day for ‘replenishing’ her wardrobe, she decided to take a time out and go for coffee instead. I was secretly very pleased as my legs were aching and glad to have the break. Really wonder how the ladies get all the energy to shop continuously for hours??

Now even though Jen did not get any 收获 from her shopping, her day still ended beautifully with her feeling really rewarded and definitely in Super-High spirits. No… no… this time its not because of me 😉 Haha……let me explain to you right away……

While we were in the midst of walking around, we met (technically should be ‘Spotted’) someone who instantly makes us so delighted and pleased right away!

Yes, we ‘Spotted’ 2 of our DM members holding hands with one another!! They did not see both of us and we did not go up to say Hi to them as well. Please don’t be mistaken that we are ‘Unfriendly’, its just that we have learnt, especially in our line of services, discretion is sometimes required. Hence, we just pretended that we were ‘too busy’ window-shopping that we completely missed them.

Just by looking at them holding hands with one another, though the gesture seems so simple but yet it says a thousand words! We can really sense their happiness through this simple act! We are really happy for them that they have found the special someone to be with and most importantly, we got to be part of their beautiful journey together!

As Chris Needham quoted:

    “Happiness in life is not measured by the things we achieve, the places we go, or the route that we take to get there. Happiness in life is measured by the people that we share all of our experiences with”

This is so true in this context!

We wish them all the best and hope their relationship would continue to blossom!!

Cheers, Ed

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