Our Magical Moments with Slava’s Snowshow

When we got hold of the news that the Multi-Award Winning International Sensation “Slava’s Snowshow” is performing in Singapore, we are so excited and place our booking almost immediately!

There were many rave reviews about this performance and the Creator – Slava Polunin was formerly from the Cirque du Soleil where he served as a clown-in-chief of sorts. (P/S: Cirque Du Soleil is another performance group which we always follow closely).

Ultimately the last but important reason is because Slava’s Snowshow entails a Finale which both of us is looking very forward to – a SNOWSTORM which would leaves us ankle-deep in SNOW! Wow …this is going to be a memorable date for us! 🙂

tickets to the snowstorm 😉

During the performance, we feel that we are transformed into a magical and dreamlike world, where we see that a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea, a woman wrapped in cellophane and becomes flowers in a vase, a child walks in a big transparent ball etc.

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow show – Clowning acts on a ‘boat’ in a storm-tossed sea

We were highly entertained by the numerous cleverly crafted clowning arts! There was one particular poignant act that instills deep in our memory where Slava struggles to get on a train as he leaves his loved one (a coat on a hanger) behind.

Not only that, the performers were very engaging. Some of them went round the theatre doing clowning acts on some of the audience which make us burst into endless laughter!

There was at one point of time when we have to help Slava pull the “cobwebs” after he accidentally disturbs a giant spider’s nest and goes unwinding down to the audience. We were covered by the webs in no time!

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow Show – The Cobwebs!

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow show – Finale Snowstorm

After the performance ends, we did not leave as we were busy reliving the childhood memories! Check out the amount of balls, it almost filled the whole theatre!

Playtime after end of the show!

Jen holding a ball that is half of her size! There are even balls that are 4 times of this size!!

We tremendously enjoyed the evening a lot and were glad that we managed to catch it! Though it was a little short (last around 80 mins), it was an experience that both of us would remember in our dating journey!

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