Going On A Date – Avenue Q Musical

On thursday evening, we went on a Date with one another! 🙂

Yup, we went to Marina Bay Sand to catch an Award-Winning Musical – Avenue Q What caught our attention initially was the Puppets Cast in this musical as they reminded us of the Sesame Street characters in our childhood days!
(P/S: For those who are not aware, Sesame Street was a famous children show during that time!)

AVENUE Q Musical has a realistic plot as it talks about the life of a group of youths with different backgrounds staying in Avenue Q Street.

Some of the characters here are PRINCETON – a fresh College Graduate, KATE MONSTER – a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant, ROD the Republican Banker, TREKKIE MONSTER an Internet Porn Addict and LUCY the Slut etc.

Soon, their life got entwined with one another and friendship was fast formed. At the same time, romance was brewing between PRINCETON and KATE. However that didn’t last long as PRINCETON confessed that he could not commit and too hung up on his quest for his Purpose in Life. He also got involved with LUCY the Slut.

When he finally regrets, he decides to help KATE fulfil her long-last dreams which is to open a School of her own. He rounds up his group of Avenue Q neighbours and raised funds together to build the school.

This is the part when TREKKIE MONSTER the Internet Porn Addict recalls his traumatic school experience and donates ten million dollars without any hesitation. The whole group went in awe and was impressed by his generosity when he exclaimed with his extremely corny tagline – “In volatile market, only stable investment is porn!”

Finally, the Monstersori School is formed and PRINCETON got back together with KATE.

Left pic:
Jen posing with the Stand Up Banner

Right pic:
Preparing to leave at the end of the musical

Throughout the musical, we were totally immersed in the life of the Cast, relating their true thoughts, worries and fears in the competitive world. We were so entertained by the cast that we did not realise that the 2 hrs + was up in no time!

The plot brought up the harsh reality using a highly amusing, uncensored script and amazing well-co-ordinated puppets. It is really worth the watch and a very enjoyable date for us!

If you guys are keen to catch some of the actions, you can go to this video clip @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOkis-dh57Q

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