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I believe some of you have heard about SWOT ANALYSIS (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) in Marketing but how about SWOT Relationship Analysis?

Here, the SWOT Relationship ANALYSIS has some twist in it. We are not doing any Strengths, Weakness etc analysis but they are actually the important hidden signs that helps one to identify the condition of their relationship.

Scorekeeping – In a soccer match, Scorekeeping is necessary to track the number of goals for each team to determine who the winner is. BUT being in a relationship is not like a Soccer game and we do not need a winner!

So if you realise that you or your partner begins to keep track of the number of goals i.e the things you do for the other party, it’s time to re-adjust the mindset!

Remember in a relationship, there is no fair game. Sometimes one may give much more than the other. One should not feel ‘aggrieved’ as all these are done in the Name Of Love. Just let your partner know when you need a helping hand. So STOP COUNTING!! 😉

Wheel Spinning– When either of you starts to talk about the same problem again and again, it is time to stop this unhealthy habit! This is because when this carries on for too long, both of you would give up talking to each other as whenever you start to talk, the same topic would re-surface again and both of you would feel frustrated and annoyed at the end of the day.

If there is an issue that remains to be unresolved, how about coming up with an interim solution and assess the progress with a timeline? For eg you may set a month timeline and come together to assess the situation once the timeline is up. It beats better than talking about the same issue everyday, isn’t it?

Over -avoidance – Some topics are certainly sensitive and might be hard to bring up for discussion. Hence the easy way out for most people is to avoid or evade that topic. Though it seems a convenient choice to make, it may be unhealthy for the relationship as communication is no longer transparent. After some time, communication would break down and this is definitely threatening to the relationship!

Trival Triggers– This happens when a trivial matter gets blown up and became totally out of proportion. If this happens often, it is usually a tell-tale sign that your relationship needs immediate attention! Have a good heat-to heart talk with one another and try to find out what caused the trigger.

So guys, if you find that you are experiencing one of the SWOT signs stated above, do watch out and see how you can improve the relationship. Do take the extra efforts and courage to address the issues accordingly!


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