Date Someone who is Out of The Box

“Should you date someone who is Out of The Box?”


There are a few reasons why I say so…

To start with, when one is more open to dating someone who is not their ‘Type’, this increases their opportunity of meeting more people and the search for the Soulmate would be quicker and definitely much more efficient!

Generally the more people you meet, the more you get to understand about yourself as well! Along the way, you get to learn more about your likes and dislikes i.e whether you can accept certain things of a life partner or qualities that you do not desire for etc and sometimes the outcome might surprise you!

Well, I am a walking life example as I never expect that I would be dating someone like Edmund and not to say, get married. Edmund certainly was not ‘my type’ and we did not have much ‘chemistry’ to start with. However when he asked me out for dinner after a late night stay-back in the office, our beautiful love story begins…

I am glad that at that point in time, I have given him the opportunity to go out with him and this allows me to understand him even better. In fact, it was him who made me grow, constantly challenge myself and make my life more complete!

Furthermore, Andrea Syrtash who is an author also shared in her book that some of us tend to fall in the same dating pattern and are attracted to the same ‘Type’ time after time again. Most of the time, these ‘Type’ turns out to be WRONG for us. In my opinion, I do agree with her theory and feels that sometimes it may be a refreshing idea to date someone out of the box.

Just to share, I have some single ladies friends who only go out with men of good social standing and guys friends who only go out with ladies who are physically attractive. They confided in me that they are not willing and would not settle for anyone lesser. I have my doubts on their basis of dating as I feel that all these attributes they desire for are immaterial to a certain extent. These attributes are not the primary determinants of an everlasting and fulfilling relationship. After all, wealth can be accumulated overtime and physical attributes would fade over time, isnt it?

I wonder to myself …. isn’t it more important to find someone who is caring, selfless, respectful and committed – qualities which are much more valuable and would stay there for a lifetime than to stick to one’s idealistic expectation?

Well, I sincerely hope that one day they would be enlighten by my continuous sharing and go beyond their norm and be more open in their dating pattern!

However, don’t get me wrong as I am not urging all of you to start dating someone who is TOTALLY out of the box. I believe that all of us do have a certain expectations of their dating partner and it is definitely not advisable to just settle for ANYONE!

Perhaps to get things started, how about spending some time thinking through your expectations and assessing if these expectations and qualities are realistic and worth pursuing to keep for a life time?

Good luck in your pursuit!

With lots of Love,

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