What’s next after The First Date…

You guys have a pleasant first date, so what’s going to happen next?

For those who are not so experienced in dating, you may be quite at a loss of what to do next. Though there are some uncertainties of whether you leave a good impression on your date but you do sense some positive vibes between both of you so what are the next steps?

“I have a great time with you, it is really nice knowing you. Let’s catch up again!”

YES! First of all, when the date ends, do text your date that you have a great time together with him/her and would like to catch up with him/her next time again.

Though this sounds cliché but this old school dating etiquette still works! Afterall, it is a sweet gesture to let your date know that you appreciate their time and enjoy their companionship. Additionally, you are giving your date positive signals that you are keen to know him/her better so gradually when you try to follow up with the second date, it is much easier!

“Hey, its weekend soon, shall we de-stress together over coffee this Saturday?” …. as simple as that, follow up after that! The trick here is to send the text in mid-week to plan for the weekend.

From my experience, for those who went straight to the point of asking for a second date normally have a higher successful rate than those who tried to exchange a few messages now and then. Well, I agree that technology has made it very convenient for everyone of us to get in touch with one another but for a ‘fresh’ relationship, it is better to meet face to face for the second time! It allows you guys to have a deeper understanding of another as the things that you chatted during the meeting are much more personalised and in-depth.. And you get to see your date’s body languages and facial expressions, doesn’t it beat communicating over a technology device?

Personally, I see quite a number of cases when the pair did have a positive impression of one another but just because they they did not have the appropriate follow ups, the vibes for each other just ‘fizzes’ out in a short while!

So guys, do heed my advice – if you do feel the ‘vibes’ for your date, follow up with a second meeting after a few days!

As the saying goes, strike it while hot! 🙂


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