Never Lose FAITH

One evening, I was alone in the office clearing my work when I heard my sms alert. I reached for my phone and what I saw immediately took my attention right away.

“I’m done with dating!”

The text came from a good friend and from the last that she updated me, she was dating a guy whom she knew for two weeks and feel that she has a ‘good connection’ with. However after going out for a couple of months, she realised that they have quite a number of irrevocable differences and things were clearly not working out for both of them.

Fundamentally, I feel that they did not take the time to understand each other and rush into a relationship with one another. Without that basis of foundation, reality slowly sets in and that infatuation phrase slowly fade in time and when that fades, what is left is just 2 individuals and not a bonded couple anymore!

It is also understandable why she came up with such an ultimatum statement earlier. After putting in so much time, efforts and hopes that this guy would be the ‘ONE’ for her, she begins to lose faith when things did not work out.

Nevertheless, I did point out to her that she needs to remain positive. No doubt things were not working out for them, I highlighted to her that she did gain something from the relationship. At least she gets to understand and learns more about herself.

Well, she secretly confess to me that she has never thought that she would be able to accept a ‘chubby’ guy (as she feels that such a guy would be a bad influence to her eating habits ) but after meeting this guy, she realised that stereotypical mindset of hers was absolutely wrong! In fact when they go out, she was the one who always ordered a wide variety of dishes and in the end her ex-boyfriend had to finish it for her! And who talks about the bad influence in the first place 😉

At this present moment, it may be a rough patch for her but she has unknowingly learnt something about herself. She has definitely opened up her dating mentality and preferences (more date choices in the future!) 🙂

Anyway my takeaway advice for her was that she can take some time to nurse her wound and after that ‘moping period’ she needs to come out to be a better and positive individual! Afterall, a positive person will naturally appeal to most of the people and they are definitely much more fun to be with!

To all who needs encouragement – Never lose faith!

As the saying goes, when one door close, the other door opens

Take care,

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