Just a simple ‘Hello’ Does Make a Difference

This entry is dedicated to all the shy people out there. Hope this sharing would encourage you guys further.

Perhaps you guys can also try it and see if it makes a difference? 😉

Do not give up ya!

I remembered back in my university days, I had this course mate who was very shy and does not have much confidence of herself. She confided in me one day that she liked this guy from our cohort for more than a year already, but had never mustered the courage to talk to him.

One day, the guy came to our group (as he happened to know another of our friend) and had lunch with us. Though he did chat with my course mate that day, however my course mate was too nervous and did not open up to him readily. She gave him a one word reply whenever he asked her something and did not realise that she is giving him a misleading signal. ( Well from the way she communicates with him, it certainly doesn’t project that my course mate is keen to have any conversation with him.) I did try my best to be the in-between bridge to get both of them talking, however my course mate was just too shy to react positively.

A few months later, my course mate then revealed to me that she had actually gone out with the guy a few times since the very first meeting. I was rather surprised but happy at the same time for them. Turns out that my course mate subsquently took the initative to say HELLO whenever their path crossed. So after some time, the two of them began to exchange words with one another and gradually they are going out.

Her simple opening of Hello had slowly melted the ice between both of them and allows their relationship to grow. Though my course mate had initially gave him the wrong impression, she had finally opened up and take the first move to engage him again. It had indeed lead to something unexpected!

So to all you shy people out there, do make the first move and say ‘HELLO’ and you might be in for a pleasant surprise!


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