Tips for a Blind Date

“This Saturday, make yourself free! I have just set you up with my colleague”

As you see the message sent by your friend, you vaguely recalled the conversation that you have with your friend a month ago. He has mentioned to you that he has an eligible person in mind to introduce to you and he can’t wait for both of you to meet up. As the meet up is drawing near, you can’t help but feel a little jittery and nervous. Afterall, you are not used to being set up for a Blind Date before and your friend will not be there with you.

Fret not, we have a few pointers on how to achieve a pleasant blind date and let yourself be prepared!

1. Keep an Open Mind
Since it is only your first meeting with the other person, try to keep an open mind. Though your friend may have told you how compatible both of you are and is looking forward to you guys being together, DO NOT let his perception influence you! Though they come with good intentions, but what ultimately makes it happen is between the chemistry and vibes that both of you have. It takes a lot of “concoction” for it to happen. Hence, go to the meet up with an open mind and do not give yourself too much pressure into making it work! Treat it as an opportunity to gain another friendship and have a relaxing weekend with your new friend!

2. Proper Grooming
Though he/she may be your friend’s colleague, do put in the effort in your grooming! It is still the first time the other person is meeting you and how you dress & present do affect the impression you give to others. Rule of thumb is to find out the setting of the meet up venue, whether it is a casual or formal set up and dress appropriately. On one hand, you don’t want to overdo it and overdressed and result in a mismatch with your date’s dressing. On the other hand, you also do not want to be underdressed when the meet up setting is a formal one.

So take some effort to do some ‘homework’ before meeting up! 🙂

3. Be a good conversationalist
Be prepared with some conversation starters especially if you are not good with small talk. Let yourself be equipped and prepare some conversation topics before the date. That way you won’t be tongue-tied during the actual date! You could break those awkward silences (or even prevent them totally!). You could ask about their last vacation, hobbies, or the last book they read!

4. Be a good listener
Most importantly, do not overwhelm your dates with all your information during the first meet up. Ensure that both of you are given the opportunities to share. And during the conversation, display appropriate body languages and verbal cues to show that you are listening to him/her. Show that you are genuinely interested in what they are saying and give them the time to speak. After all, you want to know them better so listen when they speak! And of course, make regular eye contact during the conversation to connect with your date.

5. Follow up with a subsequent date
Always be open with subsequent dates and do not be too quick to decide that you are not going out with him/her anymore. After all, it is just a short span of 1-2 hours of meet up and it is too soon to say you already know them thoroughly right? Do give each other the opportunity to understand each other better.

So there you are, all set for your blind date!

Good Luck!


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