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Dear Readers,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Wishing all of you a blessed 2015 filled with happiness, peace and of course LOVE!!

As it is a fresh year ahead, we are going to go back to basic and revisit on some of the dating concepts that we have mentioned earlier. Then you guys can try to apply and have a fruitful dating journey in 2015! 🙂

1. Dating is a Numbers Game

YES, you heard it before!! Dating is a Numbers Game! This is really a practical concept – the more people you meet, the more likely you would meet your special one earlier. Yes, go on out with anyone whom was introduced by your colleagues, friends, family, professional dating agency like us. Go to the meet up with an open mind and you never know what may come out of it. From our experience, those members who are much more open-minded are more likely to find someone special faster than those members who are not.

But do bear in mind that, though this concept is encouraged, do not go to an extent that you suffer from Dating Fatigue! Dating Fatigue occurs when one goes on dates so frequently that it gets so mentally and emotionally drained out! This is definitely not ideal. Though you want to expand your social circle, you need to exercise discretion what is the “RIGHT” number, so it can worked out in a way like for eg 1-2 date every month and focus on understanding them.

2. Love at first Sight

Some of us still believe in Love at first sight just like what is happening in fairy tale. But the truth and reality is, you can’t tell if your date is ‘THE ONE’ upon your first meeting! It is just too short a timespan to decide your lifetime happiness. And also can you imagine how easy dating would be if you could tell straight away?

Though all of us know that first impression is important but sometimes the first impression is not all to concluding whether the person is your special one. You need time to understand and know someone, their personality, lifestyle, outlook of life etc. It is only then, you would be able to tell if they are the right partner for you. So when you go on dates, do not be too quick to judge, don’t reject the possibility because you don’t think your date is your type. You never know! 😛

3. When you meet ‘THE ONE’, your relationship will be perfect

Thanks to Hollywood, some of us think our relationships would be smooth and perfect when we are with the right one. In today’s smartphone era, we seen too many pictures of lovey-dovey couples on social media and it gives us the perception that they have the perfect relationships and inspire us to have it as well.

However, every couple have their good and bad moments. Even though you may have find the one, you still need to work on and maintain the relationship. A great relationship is when the both of you are willing to communicate effectively, negotiate your problems and differences together. This is when the relationship can grow overtime and be everlasting.

4. Your partner will be your best friend

You see such quotes all the time, about a life partner being your lover and best friend. Well, I truly believe in this totally as I am a real-life walking example! I am thankful to have Edmund by my side throughout these years! He is indeed my strong pillar to rely on whenever I encounter any problems, my best friend whenever I have things to confide in and of course my beloved hubby to shower me with love 🙂

Though it is important to have someone who can communicate and relate to you since he/she will be with you for a lifetime, it is also important to maintain a strong group of external support like your long-time buddies and girlfriends at the same time! So do set aside time to catch up with them!

That comes to an end of my sharing. All the best to your dating journey in 2015!

Wish all of you success!!

With Love from Jen

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