Learn to count your blessings

Important Lesson in Life is to Count Your Blessings

As the celebrations for the Lunar New Year ends and its back to our usual daily routines and commitments, with the huge stresses & challenges ahead the year.. there is something that all of you can do to make your days better!

Well, I have been keeping a gratitude journal since the beginning of last year. I was inspired to do something different that would help me appreciate the little things in life more and it has so far proved quite beneficial!

All you need is a simple notebook, a pen and just 15 minutes of your time every day before bed! It is not at all time-consuming and really easy to do. Noting down things that you are thankful for each day before you sleep has also been proven by scientists to help people sleep better!

I know we all have some days where we feel like NOTHING goes right, and we feel really discouraged, thinking all is lost.. but trust me, there is something good that happens every day that you should be thankful for! For example, a nice home-cooked meal at the end of a long day, a refreshing shower to help you relax or even listening to your favourite songs as you slowly drifting off to sleep.

Keeping a gratitude journal will help you appreciate the little things in life and the people around you more. Psychologists have also confirmed that gratitude improves overall mental health by increasing happiness.

I hope this will inspire some of you to start a gratitude journal of your own, I guarantee that you will feel the difference it makes!

Let’s take a small step to make a BIG difference in our lives!

With Love,

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