No time for love?

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Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to have a hectic schedule squeezed to the brim with appointments. This is especially true in Singapore, one of the busiest countries in the world; We’re all occupied juggling work, friends and family, on top of our own wellbeing and interests. Ask the singles why they haven’t found somebody yet and they’d probably tell you, “Where got time?!”

Here’s the truth: No one is ever “too busy” for anything. There’s a saying that goes. “If it is important enough to you, you will find a way. If it is not, you will find an excuse.” True enough, you make time for what’s meaningful to you. If love’s a priority in your life, you would do your best to network and take time out to go on dates.

However, if you’re really one of those people with way too much on their hands, there’s something else you can do to make sure you tend to your love life too. Haven’t met anyone that sent your heart flying? Chat up someone new at places you have to be at anyway –the gym, your friend’s birthday barbeque, the office pantry etc…

No time to go out with them? Kill two birds with one stone by inviting them to tag along for something you were already planning to do! Maybe you wanted to go watch “Captain America: Civil War” or attend a Zumba class. Why not have company? Need to buy groceries? Do some shopping together. Or simply invite them for lunch (instead of spending your break glued to your computer watching a K-drama and wishing Song Joong-ki was trying to win your heart).

It’s not that hard to squeeze in a date if you take a quick glance at your schedule. Find time for love and love will find you.

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