Technology – the game changer in the dating world

In this day and age, technology is advancing at an exponential rate and we are trying to catch up with it. With the world now at our fingertips, everything is becoming so convenient. However, whilst we are getting increasingly connected, are we getting more disconnected as well?

Confessing our undying love has never been easier. No longer do we have to worry about st-st-stuttering over all we want to say and looking like a fool in front of the person we really like. In fact, we can let all our heartfelt words flow through text at no visible consequence (until we see that person again, if we choose to). However, this also makes it significantly harder to judge someone’s genuineness and most people consider this gesture rather insincere and a ‘cop-out’.

Furthermore, the influx of social media is ruining our perception of love and relationships. When we see our couple friends declaring their love for one another on Facebook and have “#relationshipgoals” posts flood our newsfeeds, we are sometimes left turning to our partner and wondering, “Why aren’t we like that?”

It is important to remember that things aren’t always what they seem – people only like to put the best aspects of their lives and relationships on display. The ugly fights and tears don’t make their way to our screens, neither do the boring days sitting across each other glued to our phones scrolling through articles, videos and… other happy couples.

I suppose that’s another reason why we aren’t living the dream – we’re stuck on our phones watching life pass us by instead of getting out there experiencing it! Social media is addicting, so we have to learn to put our phones aside and just live. Bear in mind that not everything has to be shown off; What makes the moment extra special is that it’s being shared between only you and your partner, not you, your partner, and your 800 ‘friends’. It’s your moment. Own it.

Having said that, you can still use technology to liven up your relationship! Send your partner a cute text in the morning, or an emoji in the middle of the day to let them know you’re thinking about them. Couple apps like Couple, LokLok and Kouply are also particularly great if you want to share special memories with your loved one, or when you’re apart. But when you’re together, it should be faces up, phones down!

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