5 questions to ask yourself before entering a relationship

Getting into a relationship is a big deal. This is going to be the one you’ll watch all the exciting new movies with, the one who will care for you when you’re unwell, and the one you’re bringing to family functions as your plus one. Are you ready, or are you questioning if you should take this leap? Perhaps these five questions could help you gain some insight on how you’re really feeling.

1. Am I myself when I’m around them?

We act differently around different people – We laugh the loudest with our friends, become super polite and well-behaved around their parents, and are the hardest workers in front of our bosses! But what side of you do you present to your potential partner? Are you comfortable with who you are when you’re around them? Do they bring out the best version of you? Do they give you positive energy or do they drain you?

2. Am I over my past relationship(s)?

Needless to say, if you’re holding hands with your date and imagining your ex’s fingers interlocking with yours, this probably isn’t the right time to say yes when they ask you to be girlfriend/boyfriend! This is unfair to them as they do not deserve to be a rebound, and it is also unfair to you, because you’re not giving yourself time to completely heal. This could be your significant other in the long-run, but for now, it’ll be best to approach a commitment when you’re no longer pining for someone from your past.

3. Am I romantically interested in them?

Do you like them or do you like the idea of them? Is it a romantic connection that you want with this person, or do you think you’re better off keeping things platonic? When you get along so well, the line can get a little blurry between being “great friends” and being “relationship material”. If they make you feel happier than anyone ever has, or you (think you will) feel sparks or hear fireworks when you two kiss, then go for it!

4. Am I proud to have them as my partner?

When we accept a person, we accept them for all that they are. We love them for and/or in spite of their flaws. Sure, there are things about them that we aren’t too happy with, but we want to be with them regardless. How would you feel introducing them to your family and friends, or bringing them to company dinners? If you have a long list of habits and personality traits you wish they would change, maybe it would be better to look for someone else who more appropriately fits your ideal of your special someone.

5. Am I a complete person all on my own?

You can’t be someone’s other half without being whole by yourself. The cliché rings true – You must love yourself first before you can love anyone another. Are you comfortable being alone? Could you possibly only be seeking company so you have someone/anyone? You are such an amazing individual and being with a lover should not make you less of such!

What were your answers? Are there other important questions we’ve missed out? We hope we’ve given you some clarity on whether to commit yourself to this special person now, or to wait until you’re finally ready. Whatever it may be, we here at Dating Moments are all rooting for you to live your happiest life! Good luck!

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