Love at First Sight

Do anyone believe in love at first sight? There has been many debates over the past decades on whether such a myth is true or false. This word “Love” is used the most and is constantly on the mouth of many individuals. Some of them talk about love like they know it at the back of their fingertips or casually expressing it. But do any one understand the true meaning of it?

Summarizing what is love in two simple sentences: Love is choosing to be at one’s best when your other half is not. Love is when the things you desire is never important, but what the needs and wants of your other half is always paramount.

So what is love at first sight? Love at first sight is when romantic attractions exists just like you have got shot by a cupid, straight at your heart upon seeing a stranger for the first time. Everything about this particular person will be seen as flawless in your eyes and you are willing to do anything that are likely to catch their attentions. Even your emotions move alongside with them. You are filled with happiness and joy, like a happy little puppy when it see it’s treat around this particular someone or when they are away, you tend to feel lost and might isolate yourself away from any other human beings on earth. This is how magical love at first sight could be!

But does it really exist? Some may believe, some may not. Hence, it is very subjective and depends on each individual. But whether it is true or not is not a big issue after all, because in the end we are the ones holding the pen and writing the stories of our lives. If it is fate that you cross path with someone, appreciate it because they may a gift or a lesson taught. The person at first glance may not guarantee a fruitful and everlasting relationship. To do that, it takes time and effort to build. This is just an opportunity given to discover the compatibility and if things will move on to the next stage between both parties.

Do not be frightened to fall in love even with someone unknown because love is beautiful and ever so magical, it just takes more time and patience to nature it and one day, it will bloom into a magnificent tree from an insignificant tiny sprout!

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