About Ed & Jen

    Ed & Jen is a happily married and down-to-earth couple who enjoys all the simple things in life, from the sun, the sand and the sea to spending time with their family, meeting up with their friends over coffee, travelling overseas in each other’s company and of course, sharing their dating & relationship know-hows while learning at the same time.

    Having been in the corporate world for many years, both of them decide to take a big step and be their own boss! As both of them believe strongly of making a difference in other people’ life and hopefully to influence or share their humble knowledge to others, it did not take long for Ed & Jen to come to a consensus to set up a dating agency together.

    The desire to set up a dating agency is even stronger as both of them share the same passion and zest in helping the singles. They believe that everyone deserve a special someone by their side to share beautiful and lasting moments. They feel that there is always someone out there who is meant for each and every one of us. At times, Ed & Jen would be very ‘hands on’ and would even ‘matchmake’ some of their single friends with one another. They thoroughly enjoyed the process and would have a sense of achievement as well as fulfillment especially when there is a successful match.

    Of course, Ed & Jen understand that not everyone would be blessed to go through a smooth dating experience. Even they themselves have their occasional mood swings, fights, squabbles and are still learning to enrich their dating experience too. As such, they feel that they can relate to other singles their dating journey as well as to share their own personal experiences, so that the singles can be more equipped to handle their own relationship.

Just like a book, a dating journey has many numerous chapters and we hope that by sharing our experiences, it can reduce the occasions of unpleasant hiccups in all of your dating chapters.

Oh yes, did we forget to mention that we would be regularly giving out little treats to our dear readers and they can bring their special someone to enjoy a beautiful moment on one of the Chapters of their dating journey.

Hope that all of you would enjoy our Dating Chapter Blog as much as we do writing it! 😉