Can you change your partner?


Most of the time, when we are in a relationship, especially in a long term one, we tend to get a little annoyed at certain behaviour/actions of our partner for example, he/she do not wash the cup after using, having late nights etc.. well being a human, it is perfectly normal that we would be emotionally affected when some of our partner’s pet peeves do not corresponds with our lifestyle, values or beliefs.

Hence inevitably, many of us feel that we should CHANGE our partner or expect our partner to CHANGE for us ! It may be you want them to do a little more contributions towards the household chores, exercise more, complain less, or sleep earlier etc.
There is nothing wrong with all these expectations, but how do you actually effect that change in your partner?

Finally it drills down to having a effective communication! Let your partner know that you want the BEST for them. Phrase your words carefully and try to “coax” them to adopt the change. Instead of saying “You should be sleeping earlier, late nights are bad for health”, you can say “I am worried about you having late nights all the time, you should try sleeping earlier”. Of course, give your partner time to effect the change and do not expect them to CHANGE overnight!

Last but not least, remember that if you expect your partner to CHANGE for you, you must be prepared to CHANGE for them too. For example for lifestyle changes, start the ball rolling by making efforts to eat healthier or get more workouts etc. After all, two is better than one! This would then motivate your partner and strengthen your relationship with one another since more quality time would be spent together.

By doing so, it then demonstrates your willingness to alter your behaviour and shows your commitment to your relationship. In fact, studies have shown that when a person is motivated to be in a relationship and wants it to work, he or she will readily change to be more like their partner! Most of the time they will not even notice themselves when they do so!

Good luck!
– JEN –

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Are Your Arguments Constructive?

“Arguing can be a sign that your relationship is strong and passionate, and that you’re comfortable enough to express negative feelings without fear of losing each other in the process.”
~ Bonnie Eaker Weil ~

The above quote really said it All! I believe that sometimes when couples argue, doubts will be on their mind and some may start to wonder whether their relationship is healthy or not. The GOOD NEWS is EVERY COUPLE argue! This is inevitable as we are talking about two different individuals with differing views here…Yes, even though it is prevalent in every relationships, it is still definitely frustrating and distressing to have an argument with your partner! 🙁

Well, have you thought about this? Since it is unavoidable that arguments will happen, why not have a CONSTRUCTIVE argument in the first place? When we talk about a constructive argument here, the main objective is to get an agreement or a viable solution at the end of the day. Now it gets you wondering how to do that, right??

Fret not, we have come up with some tips on how to argue constructively:

1. Don’t fight to be right and listen actively
Your goal in an argument should be achieving compromises and a resolution, and definitely not to WIN the argument. Do not just focus on bringing your own point across, but also let your partner speak and listen to their viewpoints. Arguments are not about holding the winning viewpoint, it is more about listening and understanding each other’s viewpoints. You can always agree to disagree, of course in a CONSTRUCTIVE way! 😛

2. Remain respectful
Do not say things that you know you will regret in the heat of the moment. Remember that your goal is not to upset each other, but to resolve the issue. Respect your partner as well as yourself by keeping calm and refrain from using insults, sarcasm, name calling or even threatening to break up!

Do remember that once words are said, they cannot be taken back! Don’t underestimate the damage those words can do to your partner!

3. Take responsibility of your feelings
Starting a sentence with ‘I’ instead of ‘You’ allows you to take responsibility of your feelings instead of putting the blame on your partner. For example:

I feel neglected and upset when you are out with your friends & not reply to my messages.”

You make me feel neglected and upset when you are out with your friends & not reply to my messages.”

You can actually see the difference in the delivery of the same message accross. When you use ‘You’, your partner may feel being attacked and he/she will start to get defensive. So try your best to focus on how both of you can play a part in changing the situation for the better and share the responsibility of building up a effective communication together!

4. Stay focussed
Always stay focused on ONE issue at hand, and do not bring other issues into the argument.It is crucial that the topic on hand is resolved before moving on to the next issue. If necessary, when both of you gets drained out after some time, you guys can consider a short break before coming together again. But do not sweep the issues under the carpet and ‘think’ that it will resolve over time. Remember, when you do this, all the issues get built up over time and by then it would be even more challenging to resolve it!

5. Choose a Right timing
There is no other important factor other than choosing the RIGHT timing. Set a date and timing when both of you are already cooled down and ready to talk as well as listen at the same time. You may select a timing when both of you are alone and calm. It is best if the environment lets you feel safe and comfortable to communicate. This will also aid in achieving constructive conversation.

At the end of the day, other than using the above tips, it is also important that one should apologise and be brave to say ‘sorry’ to the other party when one is in the wrong. Most of the time when one of the party give way, the other party will also ‘soften’ and be much more open to listen & share his/her thoughts.

And this is the time when you guys can ‘connect’ and slowly build up to a more effective communication! 🙂


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A Little Change in the Dating Habits

Last evening, I had a dinner gathering with my ex-school mates. This meet up was quite impromptu and I am glad that most of them managed to turn up amidst their busy schedule. I always enjoy catching up with this group of pals – it is one of my longest-standing and timeless friendships that I have and am thankful for! Even though we have not met for the longest time, we can just “connect” and pick up from the last when we stopped!

As my this group of friends are already happily settled down, majority of our conversation went around our marriage life, family life etc.

This girlfriend of mine was sharing with us that her hubby used to tell her off when she was always using her phone to chat her friends on their dates. When she said that, I can relate to her immediately!!

Well, I remembered that during my initial courtship period with Ed, I am someone who is quite ‘attached’ to my communication tool! On and off, I will pick up my phone and check for new message, chats etc. It became more of a unconscious habit than necessity that I have to respond immediately. (One thing for sure, I believe it is just not me and my girlfriend who is gulity of that – check out the below stats from Lookout)

Ed had actually observed this ‘habit’ of mine and he would subtly hint that maybe I should catch up with that friend soon as it seems that we have so much to chat about! Of course I did get the hint and would reluctantly put the phone down. I have since realized that I have neglected his presence and it’s definitely not a good feeling when your loved ones did not give you the deserved undivided attention!

Now that I make a conscious effort not to be so ‘attached’ to my phone anymore, I have also since learned a little trick that you guys can try out too. Perhaps this little change can make a difference in your relationship? The tip here is whenever you have a message or chat that requires prompt response, what you can do is to share with your loved ones what is going on, let your loved ones know who message you and why he/she message you etc.

Though you may feel that this little gesture seem quite insignificant, but it does make a difference in the relationship. It would actually let your loved ones feel more involved and at the same time, it would also justify why you can’t give him/her the undivided attention yet, right? 😉

On my end, I do feel that Ed is appreciative of my little gesture and it makes him feel good that I do care about his feelings. Most importantly, we have much more substantial and quality time together!

As the evening wore on, it’s time for us to call it a day. As we settled the bill, I realized that most of my friends are looking at their phones and I exclaimed:

“ Hey, you guys are so impolite!!”

… and all of us burst out laughing.

Have a great evening everyone! 🙂


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Just a simple ‘Hello’ Does Make a Difference

This entry is dedicated to all the shy people out there. Hope this sharing would encourage you guys further.

Perhaps you guys can also try it and see if it makes a difference? 😉

Do not give up ya!

I remembered back in my university days, I had this course mate who was very shy and does not have much confidence of herself. She confided in me one day that she liked this guy from our cohort for more than a year already, but had never mustered the courage to talk to him.

One day, the guy came to our group (as he happened to know another of our friend) and had lunch with us. Though he did chat with my course mate that day, however my course mate was too nervous and did not open up to him readily. She gave him a one word reply whenever he asked her something and did not realise that she is giving him a misleading signal. ( Well from the way she communicates with him, it certainly doesn’t project that my course mate is keen to have any conversation with him.) I did try my best to be the in-between bridge to get both of them talking, however my course mate was just too shy to react positively.

A few months later, my course mate then revealed to me that she had actually gone out with the guy a few times since the very first meeting. I was rather surprised but happy at the same time for them. Turns out that my course mate subsquently took the initative to say HELLO whenever their path crossed. So after some time, the two of them began to exchange words with one another and gradually they are going out.

Her simple opening of Hello had slowly melted the ice between both of them and allows their relationship to grow. Though my course mate had initially gave him the wrong impression, she had finally opened up and take the first move to engage him again. It had indeed lead to something unexpected!

So to all you shy people out there, do make the first move and say ‘HELLO’ and you might be in for a pleasant surprise!


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Never Lose FAITH

One evening, I was alone in the office clearing my work when I heard my sms alert. I reached for my phone and what I saw immediately took my attention right away.

“I’m done with dating!”

The text came from a good friend and from the last that she updated me, she was dating a guy whom she knew for two weeks and feel that she has a ‘good connection’ with. However after going out for a couple of months, she realised that they have quite a number of irrevocable differences and things were clearly not working out for both of them.

Fundamentally, I feel that they did not take the time to understand each other and rush into a relationship with one another. Without that basis of foundation, reality slowly sets in and that infatuation phrase slowly fade in time and when that fades, what is left is just 2 individuals and not a bonded couple anymore!

It is also understandable why she came up with such an ultimatum statement earlier. After putting in so much time, efforts and hopes that this guy would be the ‘ONE’ for her, she begins to lose faith when things did not work out.

Nevertheless, I did point out to her that she needs to remain positive. No doubt things were not working out for them, I highlighted to her that she did gain something from the relationship. At least she gets to understand and learns more about herself.

Well, she secretly confess to me that she has never thought that she would be able to accept a ‘chubby’ guy (as she feels that such a guy would be a bad influence to her eating habits ) but after meeting this guy, she realised that stereotypical mindset of hers was absolutely wrong! In fact when they go out, she was the one who always ordered a wide variety of dishes and in the end her ex-boyfriend had to finish it for her! And who talks about the bad influence in the first place 😉

At this present moment, it may be a rough patch for her but she has unknowingly learnt something about herself. She has definitely opened up her dating mentality and preferences (more date choices in the future!) 🙂

Anyway my takeaway advice for her was that she can take some time to nurse her wound and after that ‘moping period’ she needs to come out to be a better and positive individual! Afterall, a positive person will naturally appeal to most of the people and they are definitely much more fun to be with!

To all who needs encouragement – Never lose faith!

As the saying goes, when one door close, the other door opens

Take care,

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Power of Listening

“I’m listening” ….
I gave a soft mutter as Ed was trying to get my attention.

“Are you sure?” … Ed asked as he looked at me in the eye and that immediately confirmed his suspicion right away.

Opps, I did it again!

Well, what do I mean? Actually we had made a pact to each other that no matter how busy we are, we should listen to each other , as in ACTIVE LISTENING and not doing what I have done earlier.

This is because we believe in the importance of listening and we have seen how some couples improved their relationship simply by listening to their partner. That is why the Power of Listening should not be undermined. Many did not realise that listening is the building blocks of a strong relationship and by listening, it makes our loved ones feel appreciated and respected. Naturally, the relationship would go to a deeper level as positive and effective communications are shown when we really listen to each other.

Of course, in the midst of our hectic schedule, it is inevitable that at times we might take our loved ones for granted and neglect them . However, we should not give up and try to put in a little more effort to make it work! Let’s do it together!! 🙂

For the benefits of all, I have put down some of the tips that we can do together to show that we appreciate our partner:

– Avoid all the distractions, switch off the TV and put your phone aside (yup, i know it’s hard…)
– Look at your partner in the eyes when they are talking
– Show signs of acknowledgement that you understand by slight nods of your head at certain intervals.
– Try not to jump to conclusion too fast and assume you already know what your loved ones wish to say and shut off them

Hope it helps! :-p


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Great Date with VOCA PEOPLE

Over the weekend, we have a great evening with the VOCA PEOPLE! Within a short span of 90 minutes, we were totally entertained by the team of 8 talented musicians. Together, they made the most amazing vocals sounds that form a full orchestra such as drums, trumpets, guitars and more! (Mark our words, these are all made WITHOUT any musical instrument, totally swept off by them!!)

This musical does come with a storyline that explains why the team of 8 musicians were all dressed in white. Yes they are from another planet and one day, their spaceship came crashing down to earth. Unfortunately, their precious spaceship charger – Musical Energy was completed depleted as a result of the crash! Throughout the 90 minutes, we see the VOCA PEOPLE join hands, with a little help from the ‘earth people’ together musically‘re-charge’ their spaceship charger.

They sang songs ranging from the 50s to the 90s such as ‘Holiday’ by Madonna, ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics , ‘If You Wanna Be My Lover’ by Spice Girls , ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ by Britney Spears , ‘I Like To Move It’ in Madagascar 5 and many other great hits!

You can check out their performance via this link:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Don’t you agree they are fantastic? We felt that their vocals were so impressive and could even outshone the original singers hands down! I think If they joined the American idols, they will definitely clinch the top place! 😉

Other than that, they have also great stage presence and engaged the audience thoroughly. As me and Edmund were seated quite close to the stage, we were part of the ‘earth people’ to help energise their spaceship charger. They displayed lots of creatively and humour in delivering the plot to us!

It was indeed an unforgettable date for both of us! 🙂

With Love,
Ed & Jen

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What’s next after The First Date…

You guys have a pleasant first date, so what’s going to happen next?

For those who are not so experienced in dating, you may be quite at a loss of what to do next. Though there are some uncertainties of whether you leave a good impression on your date but you do sense some positive vibes between both of you so what are the next steps?

“I have a great time with you, it is really nice knowing you. Let’s catch up again!”

YES! First of all, when the date ends, do text your date that you have a great time together with him/her and would like to catch up with him/her next time again.

Though this sounds cliché but this old school dating etiquette still works! Afterall, it is a sweet gesture to let your date know that you appreciate their time and enjoy their companionship. Additionally, you are giving your date positive signals that you are keen to know him/her better so gradually when you try to follow up with the second date, it is much easier!

“Hey, its weekend soon, shall we de-stress together over coffee this Saturday?” …. as simple as that, follow up after that! The trick here is to send the text in mid-week to plan for the weekend.

From my experience, for those who went straight to the point of asking for a second date normally have a higher successful rate than those who tried to exchange a few messages now and then. Well, I agree that technology has made it very convenient for everyone of us to get in touch with one another but for a ‘fresh’ relationship, it is better to meet face to face for the second time! It allows you guys to have a deeper understanding of another as the things that you chatted during the meeting are much more personalised and in-depth.. And you get to see your date’s body languages and facial expressions, doesn’t it beat communicating over a technology device?

Personally, I see quite a number of cases when the pair did have a positive impression of one another but just because they they did not have the appropriate follow ups, the vibes for each other just ‘fizzes’ out in a short while!

So guys, do heed my advice – if you do feel the ‘vibes’ for your date, follow up with a second meeting after a few days!

As the saying goes, strike it while hot! 🙂


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Which Stage is your Relationship at Now?

Dear Readers,

As we embark on the lovely journey to find your special someone who would say ‘YES’ to be your girlfriend or boyfriend, ever wondered how does a relationship develop? Well, normally a relationship would go through 4 stages before one would finally bond and commit with the ‘one’. To find out more about these 4 stages, do read on… 🙂

Stage 1 –Infatuation

This is the stage when the couple has a strong attraction with one another and loads of affection as well as attention are showered on each other. It is also the perfect and ideal stage as there are hardly any conflicts during this period. Most of their differences would be overlooked by each other. It is also the stage when the couple basically ‘survive’ on the presence of one another.

As I recalled with Ed during the initial stage of our courtship, we had long chats over the phone till the wee hours of the night and both of us can still turn up fresh for our appointments the next morning! 😉

Stage 2 – Negotiation
After a while, the relationship settles down and the initial immense attraction is no longer as strong as before. For this stage, it is the most challenging and enduring period for the couple. This is the time when reality sets in as the couple becomes more rational and begins to identify the differences between them.

Cold wars may occur as conflicts increase. This is when the couple may experience some power struggle as they try to make each another understand and accept their view points. However, once the couple is able to work towards their differences, their relationship would be brought to the next level.

Inevitably, this is the most crucial period of the relationship as they work towards a common conflict resolution ground which is essentially the building blocks of a strong and lasting relationship.

Stage 3 – Stability
At this stage, the relationship is stabilised to a certain extent. The couple works with one another as a good team player as they continue to explore their differences further.

This is also the time when the couple may evaluate each other’s attributes in a more practical way to see if they would be suitable as a life partner for each other.

However, this is also the ‘comfort’ period when the couple may get a little complacent over the status of the relationship and start to take each other for granted. Hence it is important for couple to continue to grow and nurture the relationship further.

Stage 4 – Commitment
Congratulations to you when you have reach this stage! This is the stage when both of you have made a CHOICE to be with one another for a lifetime! A BIG PAT on both of your back!! 🙂

But do remember as you guys begin a new chapter in life with one another, do continue to nuture and instil some romance in the relationship once in a while!

Best Wishes!

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Freshen up the Sweetness & Romance of your Relationship!

♥ Greetings Everyone! Our 1st Post in 2013! ♥

We are sure many of us would have set ourselves new ‘achievable’ resolutions for 2013, hopefully we don’t repeat those that we have set for 2012. 😉 Similarly for the both of us, we have also set ours, the only difference this time is that we are only going to reveal it at the end of 2013 so in the meantime, we are just going to keep it as a Secret and slowly work our way there!

Nevertheless, we thought we would start off our 1st post in 2013 answering a New Year resolution question which seemed to be of the most interest to our readers out there which is, “How to bring back the Sweetness & Romance of your Relationship?”

To start off, we can really understand why many people out there have this question in their minds. It is never easy to continuously inject Romance in our relationships, not to mention having to add a tinge of Sweetness to it as well. Especially in today’s world where time just never seems to be enough, not enough to cope with everything from your family, work, friends, leisure, lifestyle etc. Very often as a result, romance in your relationship takes a beating simply because one is probably just too busy and drained to freshen up your relationship with Sweet Romance!

The Good news is we are going to try and assist our readers in giving you ideas on how you can overcome this issue on hand. These are really no-frills ideas, just need you to put some effort into it, let us start with the easiest one shall we;

(1) Go on a Date!

Yes, it is that simple, it doesn’t have to be an extravagant date or one that lasts for a long time but rather it has to be done regularly. Set aside at least a Date Night every single week where the both of you just spend time with each other only. It can be going for a movie, relaxing by the beach, a stroll at a nearby park or dinner at your favorite cafe. If you have more time to spare, travel overseas or opt for a staycation at a local getaway venue. Remember that the rule of thumb is to balance both Quality as well as Quantity in terms of the dates.

(2) Sense of Touch

When was the last time you hug your love one from behind or gave him/her a light kiss before having breakfast and wishing them a ‘Good Morning’ before rushing off for work? If all these really sound very foreign to you except for during the 1st three months into getting married then you are really missing out a lot in romance. The sense of touch is always a very special way for couples to reconnect the romance in their relationship and for those loving couples out there, we are sure you understand what we are talking about. Here is another interesting tip for you, try giving your partner a foot massage one day after they are back from work and just see whats their reaction. This is although such a small gesture of touch, it would instantly reignite the love once more!

(3) Show your Appreciation

This is Extremely Important! Everybody likes to feel appreciated for what they have done for you and you can easily show your appreciation through very simple means such as just saying two words; ‘Thank You’. If you know that your partner has been contributing a lot to your relationship whether in terms of taking care of the family daily needs; working hard outside to bring home the dough etc, remember to recognize his/her efforts by preparing little gifts or writing little ‘Thank you’ notes and placing it under their pillow or on the fridge. 🙂

Hope the above recommendations would help to freshen up your relationship with an added boost of Sweetness & Romance, just like it has helped to keep our relationship lovely.

Have a Wonderful & Loving 2013 Everyone! Cheers, Ed & Jen.

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Over the weekend, we were relaxing in our living hall when Jen suggested that we watch our wedding video again.. (You must be wondering why she does that, but seriously for the ladies, coming up with something out of the blue is really their prerogative, but that’s what makes the marriage interesting isn’t it?) 😉

Well anyway, while reminiscing our good old memories, there was one particular song that left a deep impression on us. During that time, we wanted to find one special song that belongs to US but wouldn’t want those songs that were too commonly used during weddings. Hence, we took the effort and spent quite a while to find the SPECIAL song that touches our Hearts.

Now, without any further guessing from all of you on this Unique & Not-the-Norm Song, the Title is *Drum-roll* “Smack Into You” by Jon McLaughlin!

Although this is really a beautiful song, McLaughlin’s version of “Smack Into You” never appeared on his 2nd album but instead, Beyonce covered this song instead, featured in her album “I am… Sasha Fierce” re-titled as “Smash Into You”. When this song is first heard, it may seem pretty ordinary but when you hear it a couple of times, you will slowly grow to love it! Just start humming along with its chorus, you will know what we mean.

We have included both versions by McLaughlin and Beyonce, as well as an interesting Unofficial re-mix version by the both of them found on YouTube. Actually all three versions are nice, just that we personally prefer the “Old-School” McLaughlin’s version.

So which version do you like better? Share with us! Just click the links, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Jon McLaughlin’s Version:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Beyonce’s Version:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Remix version:

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

Check out the Lyrics here, which reflects so well in love, “Sometimes You just want to Run & Smack right into your Special One!”:

Head down as I watch my feet take turns hitting the ground
eyes shut, I find myself in love racing the Earth
and I soaked in your love
and love is right in my path, in my grasp
and me and you belong

I wanna run, run smack into you
I wanna run, run, smack into you

ears closed, what I hear the world just has to know
cause’ I know that what we have is worth first place in gold
and I soaked in your love
and love is right in my path, in my grasp
and me and you belong

and I, I wanna run, run smack into you
I’m willing to run, run smack into you


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Date Someone who is Out of The Box

“Should you date someone who is Out of The Box?”


There are a few reasons why I say so…

To start with, when one is more open to dating someone who is not their ‘Type’, this increases their opportunity of meeting more people and the search for the Soulmate would be quicker and definitely much more efficient!

Generally the more people you meet, the more you get to understand about yourself as well! Along the way, you get to learn more about your likes and dislikes i.e whether you can accept certain things of a life partner or qualities that you do not desire for etc and sometimes the outcome might surprise you!

Well, I am a walking life example as I never expect that I would be dating someone like Edmund and not to say, get married. Edmund certainly was not ‘my type’ and we did not have much ‘chemistry’ to start with. However when he asked me out for dinner after a late night stay-back in the office, our beautiful love story begins…

I am glad that at that point in time, I have given him the opportunity to go out with him and this allows me to understand him even better. In fact, it was him who made me grow, constantly challenge myself and make my life more complete!

Furthermore, Andrea Syrtash who is an author also shared in her book that some of us tend to fall in the same dating pattern and are attracted to the same ‘Type’ time after time again. Most of the time, these ‘Type’ turns out to be WRONG for us. In my opinion, I do agree with her theory and feels that sometimes it may be a refreshing idea to date someone out of the box.

Just to share, I have some single ladies friends who only go out with men of good social standing and guys friends who only go out with ladies who are physically attractive. They confided in me that they are not willing and would not settle for anyone lesser. I have my doubts on their basis of dating as I feel that all these attributes they desire for are immaterial to a certain extent. These attributes are not the primary determinants of an everlasting and fulfilling relationship. After all, wealth can be accumulated overtime and physical attributes would fade over time, isnt it?

I wonder to myself …. isn’t it more important to find someone who is caring, selfless, respectful and committed – qualities which are much more valuable and would stay there for a lifetime than to stick to one’s idealistic expectation?

Well, I sincerely hope that one day they would be enlighten by my continuous sharing and go beyond their norm and be more open in their dating pattern!

However, don’t get me wrong as I am not urging all of you to start dating someone who is TOTALLY out of the box. I believe that all of us do have a certain expectations of their dating partner and it is definitely not advisable to just settle for ANYONE!

Perhaps to get things started, how about spending some time thinking through your expectations and assessing if these expectations and qualities are realistic and worth pursuing to keep for a life time?

Good luck in your pursuit!

With lots of Love,

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Contest Giveaway – Pre-Christmas Specials 2012

Dear Readers,

It’s time to reward you for your support again!

For this Pre-Christmas Special, we are giving away a $50 Creative Eateries Gift Voucher to one of our readers! He/She would get to enjoy a nice and romantic meal at one of their gourmet restaurants when his/her entry get selected!

To find out more how to participate in this Pre-Christmas Special Contest, please go to the tab “Gifts For Our Readers” on our blog or alternatively please click on this link @

“Sniff…I really think its time for you to have your bath my love!”


Ed & Jen

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Going On A Date – Avenue Q Musical

On thursday evening, we went on a Date with one another! 🙂

Yup, we went to Marina Bay Sand to catch an Award-Winning Musical – Avenue Q What caught our attention initially was the Puppets Cast in this musical as they reminded us of the Sesame Street characters in our childhood days!
(P/S: For those who are not aware, Sesame Street was a famous children show during that time!)

AVENUE Q Musical has a realistic plot as it talks about the life of a group of youths with different backgrounds staying in Avenue Q Street.

Some of the characters here are PRINCETON – a fresh College Graduate, KATE MONSTER – a Kindergarten Teaching Assistant, ROD the Republican Banker, TREKKIE MONSTER an Internet Porn Addict and LUCY the Slut etc.

Soon, their life got entwined with one another and friendship was fast formed. At the same time, romance was brewing between PRINCETON and KATE. However that didn’t last long as PRINCETON confessed that he could not commit and too hung up on his quest for his Purpose in Life. He also got involved with LUCY the Slut.

When he finally regrets, he decides to help KATE fulfil her long-last dreams which is to open a School of her own. He rounds up his group of Avenue Q neighbours and raised funds together to build the school.

This is the part when TREKKIE MONSTER the Internet Porn Addict recalls his traumatic school experience and donates ten million dollars without any hesitation. The whole group went in awe and was impressed by his generosity when he exclaimed with his extremely corny tagline – “In volatile market, only stable investment is porn!”

Finally, the Monstersori School is formed and PRINCETON got back together with KATE.

Left pic:
Jen posing with the Stand Up Banner

Right pic:
Preparing to leave at the end of the musical

Throughout the musical, we were totally immersed in the life of the Cast, relating their true thoughts, worries and fears in the competitive world. We were so entertained by the cast that we did not realise that the 2 hrs + was up in no time!

The plot brought up the harsh reality using a highly amusing, uncensored script and amazing well-co-ordinated puppets. It is really worth the watch and a very enjoyable date for us!

If you guys are keen to catch some of the actions, you can go to this video clip @

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SWOT Relationship Analysis

Hallo Everyone,

I believe some of you have heard about SWOT ANALYSIS (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) in Marketing but how about SWOT Relationship Analysis?

Here, the SWOT Relationship ANALYSIS has some twist in it. We are not doing any Strengths, Weakness etc analysis but they are actually the important hidden signs that helps one to identify the condition of their relationship.

Scorekeeping – In a soccer match, Scorekeeping is necessary to track the number of goals for each team to determine who the winner is. BUT being in a relationship is not like a Soccer game and we do not need a winner!

So if you realise that you or your partner begins to keep track of the number of goals i.e the things you do for the other party, it’s time to re-adjust the mindset!

Remember in a relationship, there is no fair game. Sometimes one may give much more than the other. One should not feel ‘aggrieved’ as all these are done in the Name Of Love. Just let your partner know when you need a helping hand. So STOP COUNTING!! 😉

Wheel Spinning– When either of you starts to talk about the same problem again and again, it is time to stop this unhealthy habit! This is because when this carries on for too long, both of you would give up talking to each other as whenever you start to talk, the same topic would re-surface again and both of you would feel frustrated and annoyed at the end of the day.

If there is an issue that remains to be unresolved, how about coming up with an interim solution and assess the progress with a timeline? For eg you may set a month timeline and come together to assess the situation once the timeline is up. It beats better than talking about the same issue everyday, isn’t it?

Over -avoidance – Some topics are certainly sensitive and might be hard to bring up for discussion. Hence the easy way out for most people is to avoid or evade that topic. Though it seems a convenient choice to make, it may be unhealthy for the relationship as communication is no longer transparent. After some time, communication would break down and this is definitely threatening to the relationship!

Trival Triggers– This happens when a trivial matter gets blown up and became totally out of proportion. If this happens often, it is usually a tell-tale sign that your relationship needs immediate attention! Have a good heat-to heart talk with one another and try to find out what caused the trigger.

So guys, if you find that you are experiencing one of the SWOT signs stated above, do watch out and see how you can improve the relationship. Do take the extra efforts and courage to address the issues accordingly!


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Our Magical Moments with Slava’s Snowshow

When we got hold of the news that the Multi-Award Winning International Sensation “Slava’s Snowshow” is performing in Singapore, we are so excited and place our booking almost immediately!

There were many rave reviews about this performance and the Creator – Slava Polunin was formerly from the Cirque du Soleil where he served as a clown-in-chief of sorts. (P/S: Cirque Du Soleil is another performance group which we always follow closely).

Ultimately the last but important reason is because Slava’s Snowshow entails a Finale which both of us is looking very forward to – a SNOWSTORM which would leaves us ankle-deep in SNOW! Wow …this is going to be a memorable date for us! 🙂

tickets to the snowstorm 😉

During the performance, we feel that we are transformed into a magical and dreamlike world, where we see that a bed becomes a boat in a storm-tossed sea, a woman wrapped in cellophane and becomes flowers in a vase, a child walks in a big transparent ball etc.

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow show – Clowning acts on a ‘boat’ in a storm-tossed sea

We were highly entertained by the numerous cleverly crafted clowning arts! There was one particular poignant act that instills deep in our memory where Slava struggles to get on a train as he leaves his loved one (a coat on a hanger) behind.

Not only that, the performers were very engaging. Some of them went round the theatre doing clowning acts on some of the audience which make us burst into endless laughter!

There was at one point of time when we have to help Slava pull the “cobwebs” after he accidentally disturbs a giant spider’s nest and goes unwinding down to the audience. We were covered by the webs in no time!

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow Show – The Cobwebs!

Photo Courtesy of Slava’s Snow show – Finale Snowstorm

After the performance ends, we did not leave as we were busy reliving the childhood memories! Check out the amount of balls, it almost filled the whole theatre!

Playtime after end of the show!

Jen holding a ball that is half of her size! There are even balls that are 4 times of this size!!

We tremendously enjoyed the evening a lot and were glad that we managed to catch it! Though it was a little short (last around 80 mins), it was an experience that both of us would remember in our dating journey!

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Holding Hands – A Simple Symbol of Happiness

    An Extract: –

    “Just a Simple gesture
    of holding hands
    with one another –
    says a Thousand words!”

Over the last weekend, Jen wanted to do some ‘shopping therapy’ in town. Though I was quite reluctant to go down town on a weekend as it would probably mean burning a ‘HUGE’ hole in my pockets, however, being a nice hubby, I obliged but of course with a small condition attached. 🙂

(Guys, here is a little tip to cope with a shopping frantic partner, hush hush.. The trick here is have a PRE-DESIGNATED time slot for her ‘shopping therapy’ i.e. 2 hours, 3 hours etc. then make reservations for a dinner venue so as to minimize any chances of exceeding the hours. But of course during this time slot, full attention would be given to her! This means making “Reasonable & Calculated” comments when your partner asks you “Whether the dress looks Good on her!” Understand?? 😉

Well, after 2 hours of shopping, Jen still could not find anything that catches her eye. Convinced that this day was not a good day for ‘replenishing’ her wardrobe, she decided to take a time out and go for coffee instead. I was secretly very pleased as my legs were aching and glad to have the break. Really wonder how the ladies get all the energy to shop continuously for hours??

Now even though Jen did not get any 收获 from her shopping, her day still ended beautifully with her feeling really rewarded and definitely in Super-High spirits. No… no… this time its not because of me 😉 Haha……let me explain to you right away……

While we were in the midst of walking around, we met (technically should be ‘Spotted’) someone who instantly makes us so delighted and pleased right away!

Yes, we ‘Spotted’ 2 of our DM members holding hands with one another!! They did not see both of us and we did not go up to say Hi to them as well. Please don’t be mistaken that we are ‘Unfriendly’, its just that we have learnt, especially in our line of services, discretion is sometimes required. Hence, we just pretended that we were ‘too busy’ window-shopping that we completely missed them.

Just by looking at them holding hands with one another, though the gesture seems so simple but yet it says a thousand words! We can really sense their happiness through this simple act! We are really happy for them that they have found the special someone to be with and most importantly, we got to be part of their beautiful journey together!

As Chris Needham quoted:

    “Happiness in life is not measured by the things we achieve, the places we go, or the route that we take to get there. Happiness in life is measured by the people that we share all of our experiences with”

This is so true in this context!

We wish them all the best and hope their relationship would continue to blossom!!

Cheers, Ed

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Built To Last Marriage… How To Do That?

2 years back, when I said “I do” to Ed, I knew that marriage life is not going to be as simple as what fairy tale always say.. the prince & princess live happily ever after.

I already anticipated that it would not always be a smooth ride throughout the journey and some obstacles are definitely inevitable! Till date, I still feel that marriage life is blissful and fun but there are some important elements that must be present in order for the marriage to be an everlasting and enduring one. Let me share with all of you below.

First and foremost, it goes without saying that to have an everlasting marriage, LOVE must be present! This element is the most important one as it determines the ‘timeline’ of the marriage.

When there is love, it allows one to fully accept and embrace their other half’s imperfections. Not only that, love can sometimes do wonders and allow one to be more understanding and forgiving. As the saying goes ..forgive and forget.. *wink wink*

Well, you guys should hear this before, one’s better half is akin to a soulmate! Your better half is like your best friend and you can confide in them anything!

I think this is very true as Ed & I are like BFF (best friend forever) and we can yak continuously everyday even though we see each other almost 24/7. We can talk and discuss anything under the sky. After all, having good communication with your partner is essential to building up the relationship and helps to understand your other half better.

This is one of the top qualities that many would want in their life partner.

All of us know that it is crucial that one’s better half must be understanding to their needs as well as emotions or else it would be tough to live together throughout the whole lifetime. Especially in terms of difficult times, the better half needs to be tolerant and understanding during that period in order to ride over the turbulence!

To have an everlasting and peaceful marriage, Respect must be present. No doubt your better half has already seen your all and knows you inside out, it is still extremely important to maintain the level of respect.

I bet no one wants to feel like unwanted or taken for granted, so remember, next time when your better half helps you get a drink or cook a meal for you, how about saying some appreciative words and giving him/her a big hug?

Well, you have believed and entrusted your whole lifetime to your other half from the day you said “I do”, hence this faith and trust must be continued and Fullest Support must be given to your better half throughout the whole marriage.

Always give your other half the benefit of doubt before giving them the ‘death penalty’!

6) Shared Values
In a marriage, it is crucial that a couple shares the same values and belief in life. This would them enable them to ‘steer the boat’ in the same direction and work towards a common goal.

Of course, sometimes it is not simple as your better half might not share the same values in all matters. Then is when you guys need to talk it out and see whether one of you can compromise or it is something that both of you can accept.

That’s all, guys! What do you think? Do you share the same sentiments as I do? Whatever it is the case, do continue to put in efforts for your relationship!


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Our HOT Evening with 小辣椒 Xiao La Jiao Sichuan Restaurant

Yesterday evening, we passed by Katong 112 Mall and had a surprising finding!

We came upon this authentic Sichuan Teahouse -小辣椒 (Meaning Little Chillies) and decided to give it a shot since it is not easy to find Sichuan Cuisine in Singapore.

Located @ 112 Katong Mall #03-05, 112 East Coast Road Singapore 428802

There was already a Queue forming even at 6+ in the evening. However as it was only the two of us, we were able to get a seat (near the window) pretty fast. The night had not fall yet hence this window seat serves a good viewing spot from the restaurant. We watched the busy bustling traffic below us whilst immersed in the Sichuan ambience around us.

Anyway we placed our orders quickly as we foresee that the kitchen would be packed with orders judging by the crowd in the restaurant.

To our delight, our food was served to us reasonably fast. Our orders came one after the one, hence we could take a group food photo!

Here goes our orders:
1) 酸辣汤 (Hot & Sour Soup) @ $5.80
2) 葱油饼 (Onion Pancakes) @ $3.90
3) 歌乐山辣子鸡 (GeLeShan Style Chicken) @ $10.90
4) 鱼香茄子煲 (Claypot Eggplant) @ $9.80
5) Jen’s 担担面(Noodles in peanut and sesame sauce) @ $8.00
6) Ed’s 川味炸酱面 (Noodles in Chuan style minced meat sauce) @ $8.50

Left pic: Ed showing off his 炸酱面!
Right pic: Jen posing with all our orders, Yummy!!

Generally, we were satisfied with the food. The quality of the food is above average and it is pretty Value For Money (reasonable portion for each order). Best of all, you get to enjoy Sichuan Cuisine under a Oriental Teahouse Setting right in Singapore, in the heart of Katong 112!

One thing that is worth commendable is their Service!

The staffs were attentive and prompt in their services. When we asked for some ice for our chrysanthemum tea (to cool down our sizzling tastebuds), they actually got us a tub of ice !!

This is really cool as we do not need to ask for ice throughout the meal as we have ONE WHOLE TUB right on our table! We were indeed impressed!

We would definitely come back when we have a Sichuan craving the next time!

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What Matters Most to you?

How true this is! Why do I say so?

Well, a couple of weeks back, I fell really sick! I had never been so sick before. It was the worst flu bug I had ever caught! I could barely have the strength to come out of the bed and was hardly aware on what was going on. Fortunately Ed was there to take care of me and he was the one who practically dragged/supported me to the doctor.

When I tried to recall what was going on that period of time, I could imagine the stress and worries that Ed had for me. As I was quite delirious (my fever shot up to 39.7 degree) and my head was spinning like crazy, walking by myself or standing upright was an almost impossible task for me! Ed was there practically 24/7 by my side to ensure that I am ok.

And to make it worse, I had simply no appetite. Even though Ed had painstakingly made porridge for me, I could only manage a few mouthful or so. At times, I would even threw up his 爱心 porridge! Poor Ed had to clean up my ‘Merlion Act’. Come to think of it, I felt really guilty that he had to clear up the mess for me and I have wasted his culinary effort!

Anyway, during that period, though things were looking a little dark and gloomy for me, I was grateful that this happens… To look on the bright side, I was fortunate to have my better half by my side, showering tonnes of concerns and love for me. It just re-affirmed the fact that my the other half had made good his wedding vow for me ‘for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part’…

Ed had definitely not ‘deserted’ me when I was feeling unwell. In fact, he had conscientiously taken good care of me till I recovered. He had sacrificed his sleep and had many restless nights just to sponge me to bring down my temperature and ensuring that I was ok throughout the night. I am really thankful and grateful for his love and concerns for me!

“It’s not where you are in life; it’s who you have by your side that matters”

This episode set me into deep thoughts. I feel that at times, some people have neglected or take for granted of their loved ones. Only when something happens, then they are reminded of the importance of their loved ones as often it is the loved ones who gives them unconditional love and support in the end. Therefore, though one may be at the peak of their career or have all the wealth that other people are envious of, all these are material and not important.

In fact, I feel that what matters most is the person who is by your side sharing your life journey and support you whenever you need a helping hand. To me, that is most invaluable asset that one can ever have!

Hence everyone, please do not get too carried away whilst in the midst of pursuing your dreams and ambitions. Do take the time to be with your loved ones and treasure them. Let them know you care about them. For those who are still in the quest of your better half don’t give up! I believe you would find your better half soon! 🙂


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